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When the owner of i-Restore looked for ways to reduce the toxic load being

released into our environment each and every day.

As of not too long ago, there were no alternatives.

Cleaners with high VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) contents, acids, solvents and a whole host of other extremely toxic substances were all that was available to distributors and by default the mass consumers that used these products day in and day out for generations.

​But now because of the internet and the widespread reach of information available to all of us.

We can make better decisions on the products we use throughout our daily lives.

Replacing those that might be harmful to our health, thus decreasing our quality of life. With ones that are as effective, but do not pose any long term health risks.

​i-Restore still clean Shower Bays and Pool Fence Glass, windows, to this very day.

We also run cleaning and maintenance business and use our own products on a daily basis.

We can really honestly say that “We put our money where our mouths are”

We have a real in-depth knowledge and understanding as to our products effectiveness and applications.

“There is nothing better than knowing your glass has been restored and Nano Protected and is looking great and saving you money

-Mike Mckinlay

i-Restore Tiles

Salt and Lime Scale Damage

Yes, we also restore your tiles.

As much as your shower or pool fence glass is porous so are your tiles, they too get covered in Salt, Lime Scale, Minerals and Soap Scum, leaving your tiles stained and damaged just like your glass.

The picture shows a heavy concentration of salt build up.

The results speak for themselves...

Saving our client a small fortune in replacement cost.


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