Waterspot 487ml King Size

Waterspot 487ml King Size


WaterSpot is the most powerful water spot and mineral stain removal and rejuvenation technology available.


The Waterspot product will not only…

Remove - Waterspots, Soap scum, Mineral deposits, Lime scale, Oxidized paint, Ochre Stains, Salt, Rust and much more…


Restores - All glass, marble, ceramic, porcelain, poly carbonate, Perspex, tiles, Acrylic shower bays and much more…

Polishes - All metals, Chrome, Brass, Alloy, Copper, Stainless Steel, Noble metals and much more…

Safe to use on fibreglass too

(In fact this product is ideal for Home, Office, Automotive, Marine and Aviation.)


An environmentally friendly product that’s safe to use with septic and grey water tanks and won’t harm any vegetation.


American Engineered and the top selling glass restore product available you won’t be disappointment with the results.


Best results are obtained by using a small power drill and our scrub restore pad, but a hand restore is fine.