Mark Jamieson,

Maintenance Engineer - Novotel

We have had our guest showers restored back to cleanfter trying many options, we had almost given up!

J. Keats​

"I tried EVERYTHING to remove the stubborn stains! But to no avail. I got some quotes to replace the shower glass at over $2,000, but then a friend told me about i-Restore!

They came out and restored my showers to brand new condition. WOW!!! So amazing - totally impressed with the result! Saved me a fortune compared to replacement." 


"I bought your paste pack and followed your D.I.Y. Instructions.

All I can say is WOW!


Thanks… you saved me from buying a new shower!!" 

Mark Errikson,

Commercial Cleaner

I found this product by accident at a home show. We have since used this paste to restore hundreds of Shower Glass Panels and the success rate is almost 100%

Tracey Francis

Blacksoil Qld

Hey everyone Mike come and done my shower recess yesterday and I honestly couldn’t be happier it came up amazing. Recommended if anyone needs their shower screens done

A. Butler

I would like to express how happy I am with Mike and  i-Restore.

A lucky winner, I won a free shower bay restoration, Mike came out and did a fantastic job removing the white staining from my shower bay glass after I had spent hours scrubbing the shower down not to mention all the money on different products that didn't work.

I would thoroughly recommend Mike without hesitation to everyone.
Thanks Mike for my nice easy clean & maintain shower  ;-)

Theresa Maloney

Moores Pocket Qld

Hi there this is Theresa Maloney, I have recently had Mike restore my shower and have Nano Restoration applied I can truly say that having this done was truly worth it. I would recommend i-Restore to everyone.


Airport Passenger Bus Fleet

Excellent results, and our passengers can now take pictures thru the bus glass.

Chris Barton,

Field Technician

I have been using i-Restore  products inside my cleaning business since 2009.

The results achieved continually amaze my many customers… and it works, where no others do


"Purchased the  DIY glass restore pack to remove water staining from my glass shower door, and exterior house windows. It was so easy to use, and I couldn't believe the results! Thank goodness there’s a product that is easy to use and effective. No more scrubbing and frustration.

Highly recommended."